EasyGrow H1000 FullSpec.

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EasyGrow lights were designed for the professional and hobby growers, it uses the most modern and efficient technology. 

Technical parameters:

Replace for: 1000W HPS 
Light draw power: 640W 
PPF: 1800 μmol/s
Yields: 2.0 g/W
Luminosity: 176.66 lm/W 
Weight: 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)
Light size: 111.4 x 111.4 x 11.1 cm (43.8"x43.8"x 4.4")
Lifetime: 50 000h in operation 
Warranty: 5 years

EG-H1000 components:

Driver: MeanWell 

Used chips:

x Samsung LM301B 

x Osram 


Adjustable power:  YES (0-10V)


Distance from the plant: 

  • Grow: 30cm (12")
  • Flower: 15cm (6")

Recommended coverage: 

  • Flower: 120x120cm (4'x4')
  • Grow: 120x120cm (4'x4') 


Full Spectrum




Packaging contains: 

  • Complete lighting, plug (3m) EU, UK
  • Complete hanging system
  • Manual and guarantee card 

We always put your lights into two discreet brown cardboard boxes  in way that they are protected against damage.

International shipping:

  • Czech Republic - Free Delivery, 1 working day;
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Express Delivery, 2-3 days (no additional charges);
  • EU countries - Express Delivery, 2-5 days (no additional charges);
  • United States - FedEx Delivery 3-7 days.
  • Other countries - delivery time depends on distance. 


The lights are assembled and designed in the European Union.
In case of complaint, we will pick the light at your place for free and we will sent it back when repaired.