EasyGrow DIY KIT 250w with Far RED

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EasyGrow Samsung lm301b led grow kit

Build your own quantum board kit from the best components on the market and get the strongest light on the market at a very affordable price.
You don't need any tools to assemble this kit. You only need to follow the manual with instructions.


Technical parameters:

Replace for: 600W HPS
Yields: 2-2.5 g/W 
Light size : 68x22 cm
Used chips: Samsung LM301B and Far red diods
Driver: Meanwell HLG PRO Series
Light power: 250W 
Luminosity: 200 Lm/W 
Lifetime: 100 000h in operation
Warranty: 5 years



  • Veg 120x120cm
  • Flower: 90x90cm max. 120x120cm

Distance from the plant: 

  • Grow 40-60cm
  • Flower 30-40cm


Flower spectrum 3000K

Flower spectrum Easygrow mainly aims at the flowering stage of plants and it was designed to maximize the achieved yield.
We recommend using the lights with this spectrum combined with the lights for growth.

Full cycle spectrum 3500K

The spectrum is designed for the full growth cycle of plants. During the manufacture, we considered the ideal values of the spectrum suitable for small seedlings, as well as the final flower stage.

Grow spectrum 5000K

Grow spectrum Easygrow is designed for growing stage of plants, for seedlings and cultivation of all broadleaved plants and vegetables. The spectrum is designed mostly to respect the growing stage of the plants and significantly shortens the cultivation time and helps plants to create stronger roots and healthier leaves.




Packaging contains:

  • 2x QB with Samsung LM301B;
  • Double pre-drilled Slate Heatsink;
  • Meanwell Driver HLG Pro serie;
  • power cord and connectors;
  • complete hanging kit.

We always put your lights into two discreet brown cardboard boxes  in way that they are protected against damage.

International shipping:

  • Czech Republic - Free Delivery, 1 working day;
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Express Delivery, 2-3 days (no additional charges);
  • EU countries - Express Delivery, 2-5 days (no additional charges);
  • United States - FedEx Delivery 3-7 days.
  • Other countries - delivery time depends on distance. 


Assembled and designed in the EU